Thursday, July 23, 2009

C for chikoo ice cream

Well summer is here & so is our craving for all kinds of ice creams. I have to have an ice cream every day, well that's just my fun summer ritual. Whenever I am in Mumbai, I make sure I have a couple of flavors of Naturals ice cream, & chikoo ice cream has been an absolute delight. I tried making my own version of chikoo ice cream following the basic concept that an ice cream contains the flavor you select, sugar & cream. So I chose, frozen chikoos (2 bags), 1 small can of condensed milk & 12 oz of whip cream. Thaw the chikoos naturally & puree them into pulp in a mixer adding very little milk. Mix the chikoo pulp, condensed milk, & cool whip together using a whisk. I also added some honey (2 tbps), & some raisins to this. Although I would say honey & raisins are purely optional. I love honey, hence the indulge! Freeze this mix & keep mixing it with a whisk every 2-3 hours. Repeat this atleast thrice. This helps make the ice cream soft since whisking breaks the ice crystals! This has turned out to be one of the best chikoo ice creams i have ever had. If you think I am being boastful, try this recipe for yourself!


Lalit Patil said...

Aah! I'll try this sometime.. don't know when, but I will for sure!

taking the plunge said...

i am making this tonite :) can u tell me which brand whip cream u used?